Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

Judoku Sushi: Japanese Food in Oakland

I only discovered Judoku Sushi pretty recently, but it’s now one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the East Bay.  Judoku is a small restaurant located close to 580 on the Broadway/Piedmont intersection, so it’s quite easy to drive by without seeing it. One of the big pluses for me is the fact that they have soba. I love soba noodles, but I don’t always find them in Japanese restaurants. I was very happy to see […]

Eggs Benedict

Saturday Brunch at Miliki

My family and I discovered Miliki’s brunch on accident, but it was a good accident to have. Miliki is a Nigerian restaurant in the Laurel district of Oakland. They started serving American brunch prepared by the chef from Full House Cafe, which was a long time favorite breakfast spot that closed earlier last year and became Sequoia Diner. We decided to go out for brunch on Saturday and wanted to try a new place in Oakland that […]

Cafe Romanat plate

My First Time Eating Ethiopian Food

I’ve always heard good things about Ethiopian cuisine, but it took me a long time to finally make it to one of the Ethiopian restaurants in Oakland, Cafe Romanat.  I went with a group of five people, which was great for trying multiple dishes. We started with vegetarian sambussas as an appetizer since they ran out of the meat ones, but these were still delicious.  They were stuffed with lentils and mushrooms, and I love mushrooms!  They […]

After Dark at the Exploratorium – Pairings: Chocolate, part 2

There was so much chocolate in this one evening that I could not fit it all into one post… so here’s part 2. Prior to the After Dark presentation, my mom, husband and I had dinner at the Seaglass restaurant inside of the Exploratorium. The restaurant was serving everything with chocolate to coincide with the After Dark Pairings theme. They even put chocolate shavings on top of their salad dish! Buffalo Chili New Mexi-Fries Buffalo […]

This bowl was passed around three times, each one with a different chocolate sample.

After Dark at the Exploratorium – Pairings: Chocolate, part 1

I love chocolate — it is definitely one of my favorite foods, especially dark chocolate. I also love the Exploratorium — it is a playground that caters to my nerdiness. So when I learned that the Exploratorium was having an evening focused on chocolate, I knew I had to be there. The Exploratorium is a science museum on the Embarcadero in San Francisco that’s filled with super cool hands-on exhibits that make learning science concepts […]

Fusebox's popular pork belly dish -- it's popular for good reason!

Date Night at FuseBox

FuseBox is a Korean-American restaurant located in a super random area of West Oakland. And when I say super random, I mean that you would not even know a restaurant was here if not for the sign on the street. My husband chose this place for date night because the Yelp reviews showed people raving about their pork belly dish, and I love pork belly. The waiter warned us that their entrees were large, so […]

prawns, coconut milk, mint leaves

Asian Fusion at Osmanthus

Osmanthus is an Asian restaurant located in the Rockridge area of Oakland.  One glance at their menu and you can see that their food is inspired by a combination of Asian cultures — Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and more.     My family and I were wandering around the Rockridge area looking for a lunch place when we stumbled upon Osmanthus.  None of us ever heard of it but we saw they had both Zagat 2015 […]

Syrah wine flight at Eno Wine Bar.

Delectable Trio at Eno Wine Bar

Eno Wine Bar is a small chain of wine rooms, two of which are in the Bay Area.  They serve what they call “the eno trio” – wine, cheese, and chocolate. My husband and I were scouting dinner places when we were shopping at Union Square and found this wine bar just up the street from Macy’s. I really like the atmosphere – it has a sleek and modern yet cozy feel.  The walls are […]

Teance Tea Shop, Berkeley, CA

For the Love of Tea: Teance Fine Tea Store

Teance is a cute little tea shop in Berkeley that my family and I discovered while waiting for our brunch place to open.  While we knew they existed, we did not know that they were more than just a store that sold tea and accessories.  In the very back of the store they have a tea bar, and they also have a second level of tables for people to sit and enjoy a cup of […]

Pakhlava - a delicious dessert!

Annual Armenian Festival

I went with my friend Maria and my family to a local Armenian church for its annual Armenian festival. I had no idea what Armenian food would be other than “something similar to Mediterranean food,” so I was excited to give it a shot. The food was indeed similar to Mediterranean food, and it was all very tasty. A quick run down of the dishes I tried: Shish Kebab: selected chunks of skewered lamb. The […]