Day 13,14,15: Shopping Lists and Blackjack!

Ok, apparently I’m no good at keeping up with every day blogging. =( Wednesday: practicing using dictionaries by creating a shopping list app. There are other Further Study items for me to try out, but I’m now hooked onto my final project…  Thursday / Friday: I decided to change my final project from Hangman to Blackjack so I could a) build something with more complexity and b) build something I enjoy playing.  The pseudocoding exercise […]

Day 12: Hangman Refactoring

Between fleshing out my pseudocode and learning new ways to do things, I changed my Hangman code to incorporate my latest and greatest knowledge.  Main changes: Simplified some of the checks.  I learned that I don’t have to make a function to check whether a character is in a string.  Saying “if char in word:” works just fine.  Made all steps have their own functions.  Originally, I had one main hangman function and a random […]

Day 11: Tuples and Dictionaries

Last night’s class was about learning two new data structure types: tuples and dictionaries. I’ve never worked with those before, so it was interesting to learn how they work and why they are useful.  My lab partner and I breezed through the lab exercises and further study.  I can see how tuples can be useful for keeping records and dictionaries have plenty of potential.  I’m excited to play around with these concepts further.  =)

Day 9,10: AlmostIncreasingSequence

Yes, this post spans two days because all my weekend programming time was spent trying to solve this problem.  Problem: figure out if a sequence of numbers is almost increasing, meaning you can take exactly one number out of the list to make it actually increasing.  No repeat numbers allowed — strictly increasing.  Kicker: the list could be up to 10^5 items long.  Getting the logic to work wasn’t too hard but my code would […]

Day 8: To Do List, cont + Code Challenges

I finished the cleanup that I said I would do for the to do list app.  Also did a CodeFights challenge and a Codewars challenge.  I’m still trying to figure out how to make one of my functions work properly for long lists.  Perhaps I will try pseudocoding a different solution altogether to see if I can optimize my code.

Day 7: To Do List, continued

Yesterday’s to do list lab exercise had a further study section, which was broken into Medium, Difficult, and Very Difficult. I got through the Medium and Difficult sections today.  It’s nice to practice coding and actually see progress in building something, and I can see the value of starting small and adding new features later.  However, I have to remember to check that the new features all work properly with the existing ones when I […]

Day 6: Portfolio Page and To-Do List

I spent most of today coding.  During the day, I worked on the next FreeCodeCamp challenge: making a portfolio page.  Then I had my Hackbright Prep class at night.  My plan was to create a one-page portfolio page with the following items: A header bar with a “logo” (i.e. text) on the left and a horizontal menu on the right.  Three sections: About Me, Projects, and Contact.   Placeholder images where real projects will eventually […]

Day 5: More CodeFights and Hangman

Today was a two-pronged approach with Python. I completed a couple more CodeFights challenges and worked on my Hangman game.  Lessons learned today: Git is useful when you use it. Surprise, I know. But I might have been that person who installed git, worked on her project and messed something up, and wished there were an older working version to go back to. >.< Global variables are a little fuzzy for me. For some reason […]

Day 4: CodeFights Intro

I found another gamified coding website, CodeFights.  I joined it because it said it had HTML as one of the language options, but when I actually signed up, I couldn’t select HTML as a language option.  So I tried it with Python instead.  I went through the intro arcade sequence, which asked me to write three functions that I found pretty easy to do. I may add this site to my rotation of challenge sites […]

Day 3: Codewars Challenge

Codewars is a site that lets you level up by completing coding challenges (or kata as they call them).  They start with challenges for the beginner programmer, so I added it to my list of options for daily coding.  Today’s kata: write a program that takes a number and a list of interesting numbers and checks if that number is interesting or 1-2 away to being awesome.  Now it’s not as easy as “check if […]