Days 22-28: More Python and Front End Work

I’m not entirely surprised that I missed a full week of blogging, haha.  But I have done a LOT of coding in the last week!  Let’s see how much I can remember… Blackjack This is the final project I’ve been working on for Hackbright Prep.  While I could put in more features, I’m not sure it’s going to get much further than this by next Wednesday’s graduation…so time to keep testing to make sure it […]

Day 21: JavaScript

I’m working through the Free Code Camp program, and I’ve just started the JavaScript section.  My biggest challenge going through these exercises right now is making sure I get the syntax right.  I’ve now gotten used to Python and find myself typing things the way I would do so in Python instead of JavaScript.  

Day 20: Bugfixing, Files, and Modules

Today’s class was on files and modules.  I learned how to open, close, read, and edit files.  I also figured out that I need to learn what other modules Python has built in.  I spent some time playing my Blackjack game and found some bugs along the way, so now I have my running list of bugs to fix before the final class.  At this point, next steps are to clean up my code to […]

Day 19: Blackjack Splitting

I’ve got some thorough testing to complete, but I think I have splitting cards done! That was a tough feature for me to complete because it required me to rethink and redesign my data structures, and then I had to make sure all of my previously written code worked with said new data structures.  I can better appreciate now why my dev team gets annoyed with later features that require them to change how things […]

Day 17, 18: More Improvements, Doubling Down, and Starting to Split

TL;DR – More Blackjack development.  Once I got my MVP to a good state, I had my class advisor take a look to see what kind of feedback I could get.  The main feedback was to simplify my code even more to reduce nesting while loops and make the code more legible. Totally made sense since I was even getting confused sometimes when reviewing my code as to which loop I was in. So I […]

Day 16: Blackjack Improvements

Since I finished my MVP for Blackjack, I wanted to take some time to figure out ways to improve the base code before moving on to building in more features.  Improvements I identified: Consolidate player data tracking into one dictionary.  I previously had one dictionary per data type so I could just do ‘player name’: value for the entries, but then I realized it was going to be a pain to make sure I’ve made […]

Day 13,14,15: Shopping Lists and Blackjack!

Ok, apparently I’m no good at keeping up with every day blogging. =( Wednesday: practicing using dictionaries by creating a shopping list app. There are other Further Study items for me to try out, but I’m now hooked onto my final project…  Thursday / Friday: I decided to change my final project from Hangman to Blackjack so I could a) build something with more complexity and b) build something I enjoy playing.  The pseudocoding exercise […]

Day 12: Hangman Refactoring

Between fleshing out my pseudocode and learning new ways to do things, I changed my Hangman code to incorporate my latest and greatest knowledge.  Main changes: Simplified some of the checks.  I learned that I don’t have to make a function to check whether a character is in a string.  Saying “if char in word:” works just fine.  Made all steps have their own functions.  Originally, I had one main hangman function and a random […]

Day 11: Tuples and Dictionaries

Last night’s class was about learning two new data structure types: tuples and dictionaries. I’ve never worked with those before, so it was interesting to learn how they work and why they are useful.  My lab partner and I breezed through the lab exercises and further study.  I can see how tuples can be useful for keeping records and dictionaries have plenty of potential.  I’m excited to play around with these concepts further.  =)

Day 9,10: AlmostIncreasingSequence

Yes, this post spans two days because all my weekend programming time was spent trying to solve this problem.  Problem: figure out if a sequence of numbers is almost increasing, meaning you can take exactly one number out of the list to make it actually increasing.  No repeat numbers allowed — strictly increasing.  Kicker: the list could be up to 10^5 items long.  Getting the logic to work wasn’t too hard but my code would […]