PotD: Bible Verse Generator

Between attending the Girls in Tech Catalyst conference and job interviewing, I’ve had very little time to spend coding, let alone finish an actual project. Today’s project was inspired by some “pro bono” work I did for the Oblates of Notre Dame sisters.  (Is it really considered “pro bono” if it’s not (yet!) my professional skill?  heh.)  I’ll write more about that another time… perhaps after more progress is made on that front. In any […]

PotD: Color Changing Fun

For today’s project, I used a little Javascript to change the colors on my page.               The online class I’m taking on Javascript said the best way to learn is by looking at example code and modifying it to understand how things happen, which is what I did in this case.  I saw an example for changing the background color, and I expanded it to change the colors of […]

PotD: Infographic

Today’s project: recreate an infographic. Today I found an infographic called “5 things beginner programmers need to know,” and after reading another article that suggested that I try replicating other sites to improve my HTML/CSS skills, I decided to start with this one thinking it would be simple enough to start.  I didn’t find the exact fonts, nor did I use the exact colors, but the general look is similar. For comparison: Thoughts: I figured […]

PotD: Project Homepage

PotD = Project of the Day I’ve proven to myself that daily blogging isn’t a thing, but I do want to document my process of learning to code.  So, my current goal is to write a blog with every project I finish or problem that I solve. The first PotD installment is a homepage I created to keep track of all the websites that I create as I go through this coding journey. Thanks to […]

Days 22-28: More Python and Front End Work

I’m not entirely surprised that I missed a full week of blogging, haha.  But I have done a LOT of coding in the last week!  Let’s see how much I can remember… Blackjack This is the final project I’ve been working on for Hackbright Prep.  While I could put in more features, I’m not sure it’s going to get much further than this by next Wednesday’s graduation…so time to keep testing to make sure it […]

Day 21: JavaScript

I’m working through the Free Code Camp program, and I’ve just started the JavaScript section.  My biggest challenge going through these exercises right now is making sure I get the syntax right.  I’ve now gotten used to Python and find myself typing things the way I would do so in Python instead of JavaScript.  

Day 20: Bugfixing, Files, and Modules

Today’s class was on files and modules.  I learned how to open, close, read, and edit files.  I also figured out that I need to learn what other modules Python has built in.  I spent some time playing my Blackjack game and found some bugs along the way, so now I have my running list of bugs to fix before the final class.  At this point, next steps are to clean up my code to […]

Day 19: Blackjack Splitting

I’ve got some thorough testing to complete, but I think I have splitting cards done! That was a tough feature for me to complete because it required me to rethink and redesign my data structures, and then I had to make sure all of my previously written code worked with said new data structures.  I can better appreciate now why my dev team gets annoyed with later features that require them to change how things […]

Day 17, 18: More Improvements, Doubling Down, and Starting to Split

TL;DR – More Blackjack development.  Once I got my MVP to a good state, I had my class advisor take a look to see what kind of feedback I could get.  The main feedback was to simplify my code even more to reduce nesting while loops and make the code more legible. Totally made sense since I was even getting confused sometimes when reviewing my code as to which loop I was in. So I […]

Day 16: Blackjack Improvements

Since I finished my MVP for Blackjack, I wanted to take some time to figure out ways to improve the base code before moving on to building in more features.  Improvements I identified: Consolidate player data tracking into one dictionary.  I previously had one dictionary per data type so I could just do ‘player name’: value for the entries, but then I realized it was going to be a pain to make sure I’ve made […]