Welcome to Life Beyond Rice!


I’m Rica, and I love food.  Yes, one of my favorite foods is rice, but I enjoy trying new restaurants and tasting new cuisines.

I started Life Beyond Rice to share my food stories online.  As a Bay Area native born and raised in Oakland, I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by a diverse selection of food options.  Whether I’m trying a new place or visiting a long-time favorite restaurant, I love taking pictures of my food to keep track of my culinary experiences.  My friends and I regularly share stories and show pictures of the delicious meals we’ve had while we’ve been apart, and we recommend new places to each other to try.  In fact, this love of sharing food experiences with others is what inspired me to start this blog.

I hope you enjoy reading about my food adventures throughout the Bay Area and beyond.  I would also love to hear your stories and suggestions of places and dishes I should try.  Please feel free to contact me!

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