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June 28, 2017

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Between attending the Girls in Tech Catalyst conference and job interviewing, I’ve had very little time to spend coding, let alone finish an actual project.

Today’s project was inspired by some “pro bono” work I did for the Oblates of Notre Dame sisters.  (Is it really considered “pro bono” if it’s not (yet!) my professional skill?  heh.)  I’ll write more about that another time… perhaps after more progress is made on that front.

In any case, rather than a random quotation generator, I went for a Bible verse generator.  I found an API that both generates a random Bible verse and provides a Bible verse of the day, so I used both of those to create this page.


  • I used a background image just to keep things fun and exciting.  Took a bit of finagling to figure out how to keep the image covering the whole background even if the window size changes.
  • Javascript is a whole other beast.  I had already made a random quotation generator for Free Code Camp but still ran into trouble trying to use the Bible API.  I wanted to figure out how to do it with Javascript rather than JQuery but failed…so JQuery it was.  I’m also jumbling together Javascript and Python syntax, which makes bugfixing quite confusing sometimes.
  • For all of these projects, I’ve been practicing using flexboxes to make my layouts responsive.  I’ll have to play around with adjusting layouts for different sizes of screens.

Here’s the page!  (Note: the script may be blocked by your browser as unsafe…so you may have to manually accept it before it will work properly.)

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