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June 14, 2017

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PotD = Project of the Day

I’ve proven to myself that daily blogging isn’t a thing, but I do want to document my process of learning to code.  So, my current goal is to write a blog with every project I finish or problem that I solve.

The first PotD installment is a homepage I created to keep track of all the websites that I create as I go through this coding journey.

Thanks to Github pages, I have this set up so that I can just update it, commit it, and it actually shows up online!  =)

It’s not the prettiest page out there, but I wanted to complete something.


  • I used Font Awesome to get the pretty icons to link to my Github and Free Code Camp profiles.
  • I recently learned how to implement gradients using CSS, so I played around with that for the header and footer.

I may change the look of this page over time as I learn more things, but for now — here’s the homepage! https://razland21.github.io/webprojects/

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