After Dark at the Exploratorium – Pairings: Chocolate, part 2

February 16, 2016

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There was so much chocolate in this one evening that I could not fit it all into one post… so here’s part 2.

Prior to the After Dark presentation, my mom, husband and I had dinner at the Seaglass restaurant inside of the Exploratorium. The restaurant was serving everything with chocolate to coincide with the After Dark Pairings theme. They even put chocolate shavings on top of their salad dish!

Buffalo Chili New Mexi-Fries

Buffalo Chili New Mexi-Fries
Buffalo chili with coffee, chocolate and triple chilis topped with smoked gouda and scallions.

This dish was so delicious that we ended up getting two of these, and I had to ask for a little extra chili the second time around (which thankfully, the server obliged). My mom doesn’t even usually like chili, but after eating this, she started looking up recipes to try making it herself. The chili overall was not heavy, probably because buffalo meat is lean, and the coffee, chocolate and chili flavors were very well balanced. The chili added the proper kick without being overwhelming so that the chocolate and coffee flavors could still come through. The fries were thick strips of potatoes, perfectly hearty enough to go with the chili.


Cocoa Pow Pow Ravioli

Cocoa Pow Pow Ravioli
Cocoa powder pasta stuffed with ricotta, butternut squash and beet greens, cippolini cream, brussels leaves and asiago.

The dish looked so beautiful and sounded so interesting that we had to try it. Cocoa in pasta? Can’t say I’ve ever had that before. The pasta had brown coloring from the cocoa powder, and there was just a small hint of cocoa flavor in the dish. The stuffing paired well with the cream on top – I usually am not a huge fan of cream when it’s heavy, but this one was not heavy at all. The butternut squash was the dominating flavor, but the texture was varied due to the beet greens and ricotta. I don’t even like brussels because of the bitter aftertaste, but somehow, they got rid of that taste in that dish – maybe because I ate it with the cream. In any case, this dish was more filling than it originally looked (as in, we probably did not need a second helping of fries), but we have no regrets.


Dark Chocolate Tart

Dark Chocolate Tart

Self-explanatory dish, and also very tasty. The texture of the tart was just right, and there was a good balance of chocolate and sugar such that the tart itself was not too sweet. For those who prefer the sugary sweet desserts (like my husband), the caramel sauce surrounding the tart added that sweetness. The crust was also made of chocolate and crumbled quite nicely when cutting into it.

I’m not sure if their regular food is as tasty as these dishes (because, really, everything is better with chocolate) – but I will have to try it out next time I’m at the Exploratorium.


Seaglass Restaurant
Exploratorium, Pier 15
San Francisco, CA 94111

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