A Quick Holiday Recap

January 19, 2016

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It’s been a very busy holiday season filled with family, friends, fun, and of course FOOD – and it’s kept me from posting here for a while.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas in places away from home.

More detailed blog posts to follow about my holiday food adventures, but to quickly recap the holiday season:

Thanksgiving was spent in beautiful Paso Robles, CA with family members from the Bay Area and Southern California.  We drove down from the Bay Area early Thursday morning and stayed for a few nights in a beautiful house that was literally one block away from downtown.  Paso Robles is well known for its wine tasting, and we certainly did a lot of that!  During the day, we checked out a few wineries, bummed around downtown and tried whatever tasting rooms we could find, and then walked back to the house for more food, drinks, board games, and chit chatting in the evening.

Christmas and New Year’s Day was spent a little further from home – in the Philippines!  It was only my second time to visit and the first time for my husband, so there were plenty of new things to explore and delicious native Filipino foods to eat.  It was a lot of fun to reconnect with my family since I hadn’t seen many them since my last visit in 2007, and only a few of them met my husband previously when they were in the United States.  We spent two weeks sightseeing in Davao and Manila and saw many of the places my parents and siblings went to when they were living there.  There were so many delicious foods that I know I won’t be able to fit them all into one blog post – but it just means more for me to write about!

Now we’re back in the Bay Area and back to reality.  As a blogging newbie, I’m looking forward to growing this blog and improving my blogging and web skills in general.  For example, I’ve recently come to learn that spam traffic is REAL – I came back from my holidays to find that my blog was inaccessible since I hit some kind of threshold.  And as much as I’d like to say my blog has become super popular with thousands of visits and comments… it really hasn’t.  So I spent a lazy rainy day flagging thousands of comments as spam (while writing this post, in fact!) and started looking into how to block all of the fake traffic from coming in so my real readers can continue to see my content.  I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to learn this year, and I’m up for the challenge.

Most importantly, I’m excited to get back on track and catch up on sharing my many food adventures with you.  Here’s to a happy, hearty, and delicious 2016!

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