Fusebox's popular pork belly dish -- it's popular for good reason!

Date Night at FuseBox

November 21, 2015

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FuseBox is a Korean-American restaurant located in a super random area of West Oakland. And when I say super random, I mean that you would not even know a restaurant was here if not for the sign on the street.

My husband chose this place for date night because the Yelp reviews showed people raving about their pork belly dish, and I love pork belly.

The waiter warned us that their entrees were large, so we opted to share one entree and two appetizers. It was just the right amount of food to leave us room for dessert.

Our two appetizers were pig ear fries and bacon mochi. The pig ear fries were so delicious that I wrote a whole separate post about them. The bacon mochi was also super tasty. The mochi itself was soft and sticky, and the bacon bits inside added saltiness and a meaty texture to contrast the soft mochi. the dish was presented beautifully, but I wish the dish came with two pieces so that I could have my own piece.

The pork belly — ohhhh, it was yummy. Each chunk of meat was so soft and well flavored, which made it a perfect bite to have with the steamed white rice they serve with the dish. The slaw underneath had apples and raisins in it, and it had another citrus-like flavor that we couldn’t make out, but it was good nevertheless. The dish also comes with six Korean side dishes to vary the palette.

I’m really glad we had room for dessert because they were serving their infamous bread pudding topped with coffee semifreddo, caramel and parsley mint simple syrup. The bread pudding itself was simple –just bread with raisins — but the density and texture was perfect, and it paired very well with all of the toppings.

We also got earl grey meringues served with our check, which was a nice way to end the dinner. They were light but had strong tea flavor, which I liked. I definitely want to go back there to try some of their other dishes like the galbi beef and skewers.

2311A Magnolia St.
Oakland, CA 94607

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