Hot & sweet chicken at Kokio Republic

Food Truck Fun: Kokio Republic

October 29, 2015

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Kokio Republic is a regular Off the Grid visitor, but it took me a long time to try them out.  I’m not a person who seeks out fried chicken, and chicken wings sound more like a snack than a full lunch meal.  However, one of my trusted foodie friends, Mark, said he had eaten there before and liked it enough to get lunch from there again, so I gave it a shot.

The truck is known for its chicken (either chicken wings or breast), which you can purchase a la carte or with kimchee balls, tofu balls, or fries.  We both got the number 3 combo, which consists of chicken, garlic Parmesan fries, and a drink.  Mark got the soy ginger chicken breast, and I got the hot & sweet chicken breast so that we could sample both flavors off of each other’s plates (his idea – this is why we’re friends).  I’m not usually a fan of fried chicken breasts, but I figured it would be heartier and healthier (at least, as healthy as I could get for fried food).

Hot & sweet chicken at Kokio Republic
Hot & sweet chicken

I was worried when I saw my hot & sweet chicken — I thought it was going to burn my mouth!  Thankfully, it was not the case.  It had the right amount of spice for me, and I could taste the sweet flavor, which helped to cut the spiciness to something quite enjoyable.  The chicken breast also felt much softer than the ones from the chain fried chicken places.  I enjoyed the first piece but was still concerned that I would not feel the same after the fourth one.  Again, wrong.  Having the proper kick and flavoring made the meal enjoyable throughout.

The soy ginger also packed a lot of flavor, though in hindsight I should have tried that one first before the hot & sweet.  The soy ginger also had sweet tones to it, and it tasted a bit more soy based than ginger (which worked fine for me because I am not the biggest ginger fan).

Soy ginger chicken at Kokio Republic
Soy ginger chicken.

The garlic Parmesan fries are nothing to write home about.  The Parmesan sprinkled on top really didn’t do anything for me, and I could barely taste any garlic in these fries.  However, this is a chicken truck, not a french fry truck.  Now if they served the chicken with rice…I’d be totally sold.  But I would still eat this chicken again.

Kokio Republic

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